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Inspirational Film launches Hayle Transition Hub

Transition Penwith launched its Hayle Hub recently, with a showing of the inspirational documentary film ‘In Transition 2.0’ at a popular Hayle restaurant. The hub aims to bring together like-minded people from Hayle and surrounding area, to focus on helping the area thrive in terms of its environment, sustainability and economy.

The documentary is an uplifting immersion in the Transition movement, featuring stories from around the world of ‘people power’. It’s about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, which can promote effective ideas to transfer elsewhere. Amongst the many initiatives shown in the film are communities growing food in community fields and orchards, running co-operative vegetable shops and pop-up food markets, running local bartering schemes, and even printing their own money.

An enthusiastic group of people filled the Hayle venue, Harry’s Cali Style Restaurant on Penpol Terrace. They included residents of Hayle and a wide radius including Upton Towans, Lelant, Trencrom, St Erth, Carbis Bay, Leedstown and beyond. Participants responded to the film with great enthusiasm. Lesley Bradley-Peer, Chair of Transition Penwith, the hub’s mother-organization, helped organise the event. She explained:

Hayle Hub launch event at Harry's Cali-StyleHayle Hub launch event at Harry's Cali-Style“Seeing so many people turn out on a cold rainy night was so heartening. People were buzzing with ideas about what they want for the Hayle area’s future and how we can inspire a really well-connected community there. Everyone was enthusiastic about Transition’s aims around helping the area make the necessary transition to a more localised, resilient and thriving economy. We need to respond to these uncertain times with solutions and optimism. That’s what the Transition movement is all about, and it’s happening all round the world, so putting Hayle on the map is really exciting”.

The creative discussion inspired by the film included longer term projects envisaged for the Hayle area including: more cycle paths; incredible edible growing areas/communal allotments; more outlets for local food; community renewable energy projects; supporting the local economy through time bank and voucher exchange.

Meanwhile Transition Penwith’s Hayle Hub will be holding a social event in late January, more details will follow. If you already receive e-mails from Transition Penwith (usually about once a month) then you should get to hear about it.

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The Hayle Hub is meant for people who live or work in:
Connor Downs
Lelant Downs
St Erth

When you register we ask you to put in a postcode and people who enter TR27 should receive extra notifications of Hayle Transition Hub events.

New Year Swap and Resparkle Event

Transition Penwith’s newly launched Hayle Hub ran a fun community creativity afternoon in January. People brought along clothes they no longer wore and put all those unwanted Christmas presents to good use in our swap shop! There were also opportunities to make simple fun crafts from items we all have in our recycling pile. People could find out about the worldwide Transition movement and Transition Penwith’s Hayle Hub as well as add their voice to ideas for the area’s future. The event was family friendly and offered an opportunity to add eco-awareness to new years resolutions and meet friendly likeminded folk over homemade cake and a cuppa!

Hayle Hub - Social and Planning Gathering

Following the very successful New Year Swap and Re-sparkle Event there was a get together on February 24th to plan future strategies and events. This featured a wide-ranging discussion and a short video about Share Frome, we split into small groups and focussed on four areas:

1. Growing food in, for and by the community. Next step - to show a film about "Incredible Edible" in Todmorden and decide how to take forward community growing spaces in Hayle, linking with Hayle in Bloom and other local growers. Action Lesley to contact Cathy about details of film and possibility of partnering with Hayle Film Club for screening. Nigel to send Lesley Cathy's contact details.

2. Engaging with strategic planning for Hayle, including the Neighbourhood Plan and partnership with key groups. Next steps - any Hayle Hubbers who are interested - to attend upcoming meetings of the Steering Group for the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan - next meeting this Saturday27th Feb at 9.30am Hayle Community Centre. Also to inform the Town Council about the Hub's aims and ask them to post information on their website Action Nigel to send Paul info.

3. End of Life and Palliative Care. Wide ranging discussion which included ideas such as contacting The End of the Road Cafe in Penzance for inspiration; holding a community apple day; starting a community compost scheme, but culminated in a plan for the Hub to consider organising a community shared meal - in particular for the elderly and vulnerable. Maybe The Big Lunch, maybe a different date later in the year Harvest Hayle Feast" Next step contact Eden Project re date of 2016 Big Lunch– Action Jane to contact Eden.

4. Developing community connections through Music - engaging young and old. Next step - plan for an all-age musical open day in Hayle - a chance to try out instruments, join in with local players/singers/composers/bands. Explore possible venues and community groups. Action Manda and Rob to meet (with any other Hubbers who are interested) and talk further. Nigel to send contact details.

The first event that the Hayle Hubbers organised, the swap resparkle event went really well with approx 80/90 people attending. If you are interested in helping with any of the above new projects, please let me (Nigel) know as soon as possible and I will link you up with the key people involved. Don't be shy! Many hands make light work.

At the following gathering on Wednesday 23rd March we welcomed some new faces, including Graham Coad, the current Mayor of Hayle and Vanessa Luckwell, Cornwall Council's Community Regeneration Officer: Localism team for Hayle and St Ives. We were inspired by a couple of short films which demonstrate the power of organising locally and just doing stuff. Here are the links: and
We then had engaging conversations taking forward planning in smaller project groups, next steps for each summarised below by the contact person for each project. To be involved in project group planning please contact them directly.

1. Acoustic Music Project - contact person Robb Worthington (
"We notified the larger group that the decision had been made to focus on building a thriving group of players that meets regularly. This should come before planning any events, particularly events that rely on the goodwill of non members. Hayle Hub Acoustic Music group welcomed a new member, Keith Johnson. We discussed a variety of issues; the need to find and stick to a time and location to meet, how we might keep the playing environment welcoming to all ages and abilities, as well as considering the possibility that eventually groups may spin off to focus on various styles at a more advanced level. We acknowledged that this could be a good thing as such groups might offer entertainment to other Hayle Hub events. We agreed that the tasks to accomplish before the next gathering would be; develop a vision/mission statement for the group to guide our actions, find a location and time that suits, and arrange a first meeting."

2. Growing Food in by and for the Community - contact person - Brianna Breeze 01736753920
"Hello, I'm Brianna Breeze, and, inspired both by the Incredible Edible Todmorden project and stories of guerrilla gardening, I am hoping to get something similar under way in Hayle. Two next steps:
i) Hayle in Bloom have plots that can be adopted, and Manda is going to look into the possibility of the Hayle Hub taking one and growing raspberries, which can be picked and eaten by the community. She will also tell them about the Hayle Transition Hub, and hopefully show them a short film about Todmorden.
My phone number is 01736 753920. If I am not available, please leave either a landline phone number or an email address.
ii) Rather than trying to get people to come to a showing of films about community growing projects, I am going to contact local groups and ask if I can give them a short talk and show them the films. If the other Hayle Hub projects would like to come with me to talk about what they are doing, then please get in touch!
If you have not heard of Incredible Edible Todmorden, take a look at their website:
If you are inspired by this, why not plant something edible in your front garden for passers by to pick and eat? I plan to put some raspberry canes in my front hedge!
"Have a bias toward action - let's see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away." Indira Gandhi"

3. Community share meal - contact person Jane Haskings (
"This project came out of a wish to support isolated/elders and those with critical illness in the community. The plan evolved to be a Community Lunch, perhaps using as much food waste and home grown food as possible. Next Steps - contact Rainbow Club Methodist Church, look at linking in with another Hayle celebration day - Eden Big Lunch/Foundry Day/Hayle in Bloom etc. Also contact Hayle Day Centre and Fire Station for support etc. Aim to keep event simple and achievable. Jane H to arrange a small planning meeting to develop ideas.

4. "Your Hayle" group - engaging in plans that affect everyone (transport, building, community spaces etc). Contact - to be determined but for now - me (
Two next steps: ACTION for ALL Hubbers - check out and comment on the document on the Neighbourhood Plan website (link - This is the final chance to influence the framework that will determine planning in Hayle parish for the next 15 years. Anyone can comment at this stage. There will finally be a referendum vote by residents of Hayle Parish (including Angharrack and the Towans) to conclude the process. The Hub will aim to maintain a link with the Town Council team working on the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan. Anyone from the hub is welcome to go along to a NP steering group meeting to engage with the process.
Next dates - 6th April (discussion of character areas) and 16th April Steering Group. Venue - Assembly Room at the Community Centre. Beyond the Neighbourhood Plan, this group will work to make further links with the Town Council, Hayle Chamber of Commerce, and other partners.

Here's a brief update from the gathering of Hayle and Area Hub which took place on Wednesday 27th April evening at a new venue - the Cornish Arms, courtesy of Claire and Hugh Williams, the relatively new landlords there.
We welcomed some new faces as well as familiar ones and began with a short film about building resilience as individuals, in our community and globally.
We then updated on the project groups' progress and next steps:
Incredible Edible Hayle - contact person Brianna Breeze on 01736753920. Brianna said she has contacted several local groups to offer a short talk/film about the Incredible Edible project. Manda is waiting for confirmation from Hayle in Bloom of a plot for the Hub to adopt. The project group will then soon be calling for Hub volunteers to help with planting up. As well as raspberries, suggestion was made to possibly ask for edible seed/plant donations from local garden centres and businesses etc. On the subject of Food Waste, there is an interesting film "Just Eat It" being shown at Newlyn's new independent cinema this Sunday 8th May at 2.30pm. Details at
Acoustic Music project - contact person Robb Worthington ( We shared an email update from Robb (who couldn't attend this month) - the has checked out the room options at the community centre and also considered the Cornish Arms function room. Robb proposes to start the music group at the community centre in the small room for now for 6 sessions to see if it is going to build enough to make it affordable with a general collection from members. We need to decide how often and what time and night is best - Mondays, Fridays and some Wednesdays are available. The subsequent discussion revolved around vision and structure - managing varying levels/standards/ages/instruments to combine musically. Please contact Robb to help this project move forward.
Community Meal - contact person Jane Haskins ( There was energy around this event including some offers of help with planning cooking etc. Jane is looking for support in planning a self-standing event later in the year (Sept/Oct) but drawing on experience of the Bodriggy Children's Centre, Methodists lunch, the Food Bank cooperative and Whole Again Communities in Penzance, as well as Jane's experience from Tooting. Could also approach Rotary and others for support. We also discussed linking the lunch with raising the profile of increasing the collecting and re-use of food waste from local supermarkets. Now exploring possibility of venues e.g. the Day Centre, or a site for Community picnic. Please contact Jane to help with this project.
"Your Hayle" - I (Nigel) updated on the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan upcoming consultations - 7th May in Angharrack and 14th May in Hayle community Centre - details at Last chance to have your say about draft policies including land use, wildspaces, and community wellbeing. Please look at the NP website ( Secondly, the group discussed engaging with local businesses and Lesley (with anyone who is able to join her) agreed to make a Hub link with the Hayle Business Breakfast group soon.

Next Hayle Hub Social Gathering on Monday 6th June 7.30pm Cornish Arms Function Room, 89 Commercial Road, TR27 4DJ (dogs welcome too!). Chance for a catch up, lively discussion and also to play "the Food Game"...

The Hayle Hub's First Community Lunch was a fantastically successful event. Read all about it at:

Food in Friendship
Here's a summary of what happened on February 7th. Lesley Bradley-Peer chaired the meeting and after her introduction, Paul Souzek gave us his presentation on Food Assemblies – which began in 2011 in France with the first UK one in London starting in 2014. There are now 70, and Bude was one of the first. It now sells about 500 products, with a range of goods, not only food, with over 1,000 members and 30 producers. Paul is now extending its services to include home deliveries and new satellite hubs.
Both consumer and producer benefit, and perhaps most importantly, the environment. A simple, elegant system of on-line shopping, delivered weekly to a host venue, (where producers get 84% of cost, the host getting 8% and the organisation 8%); means:-
• Few food miles
• Circular economy keeping money local
• Open 24/7
• Fully automated shopping, including receipts, re-funds, invoices, etc.
• Producers know exactly how much is needed, reducing waste
• Fast delivery at host venue but able to still keep essence of a farmers market
• Consumers meet producers
• Fresh and organic
• Wide selection of choice
• Creation of skilled jobs
• No binding commitment needed
• Supports local producers
• Social contacts and networking add to local sustainable ‘resilience’ and cohesion
• Payment within 4 days
After some interested questions, we moved on to hear from:-
Lizzie, from Whole Again Communities, who described how she first began to think about using her own experiences to start encouraging others to eat more healthily, especially when money is short. She began with soup, showing a group from her neighbourhood how to make nourishing, cheap meals…and this soon grew to include training on confidence-building as well as cooking. She now has a team of volunteers who produce a weekly free lunch and regular workshops. Morrisons and others supply regular ‘waste’ and she has excess food available for anyone who needs it…without a voucher! ‘It’s all about ‘souperfood, socialising and self-care.’
Janet, from Hayle Food Bank, spoke of the initiative taken by some from Hayle Methodist Church to start the Food Bank, adapting it from what they found after visiting the Cambourne project. Vouchers are issued at GP surgeries, by Health Visitors, and CAB for those in crisis. 2 vouchers are allowed each year providing 3 weeks’ worth of food each time. The Co-op and local farmers also provide fresh fruit and veg but the FB are not allowed to ‘give’ it, and so it is displayed for anyone to help themselves. Numbers vary of users, sometimes 14 or 18 a week.
Joyce, from the Penzance Country Market, spoke of how the movement grew out of the WI markets and is still based on their principles…a co-operative model. Producers do not pay for a table, but pay 12% of their sales; there is no charge for joining and no binding commitment; they have a pre-ordering system which is very popular; there is a whole table dedicated to fruit and vegetable producers; with a monitoring of charging to prevent under-cutting of supermarkets. Joyce then described the possible threat to small businesses by the proposed charges by the FSA for registration, (£300) and food safety inspections visits, (£300). She reminded us of the survey to fill in – the deadline for which is 10th Feb. Act now.
Alison then spoke of her meeting with the Hayle in Bloom folk. They have kindly offered us the use of spare planters and so we need volunteers to take this forward. It seems all the schools have growing projects and we hope to make links with them in the future.
After a short break, we then divided up into 4 groups and tasked with finding specific actions on each topic.