Penwith remained an extremely remote place until well into the 20th century. But within a short space of time the native industries have gone and what farming there is has become heavily subsidised. The whole area is increasingly a holiday playground, totally dependent on the tourist trade and awash in second homes. So how will it fare when energy supplies become scarcer? At the end of all the distribution lines the Lands End Peninsula is likely to experience empty supermarket shelves and frequent power brown-outs sooner than many other parts of the UK.

And yet Penwith’s remoteness could also be the key to its survival. A high proportion of its population already have an interest in regenerating local resilience – on a practical as well as an emotional level. The idea behind this handbook is that it will help more people tap into that network and lead them to resources within the local community which can build:

• food security
• energy security
• health security
• financial security

It's a 136 page paperback book and it's available for £5 + £1 postage. Order online by clicking the "Buy Now" button below ...