Transition Initiatives Primer

Version: #26

Comprehensive document (1MB pdf)  about embarking on a transition journey. This constantly updated document is 50 pages in length, jampacked with sparkling nuggets of plagiarised brilliance and one exceedingly boring (but necessary) section.

Here's the contents of the primer:

  • Introduction
  • Why Transition initiatives are necessary
  • More about Peak Oil
  • Taking action: the big picture - initiatives at global, national and local levels
  • The Transition Model – what exactly is it?
  • Kinsale 2021 – an Energy Descent Action Plan
  • Transition Town Totnes
  • Other Transition initiatives
  • Setting up your Transition Initiative – criteria
  • Setting up your Transition Initiative – different types
  • Setting up your Transition Initiative – formal structures and constitutions (boredom alert!!)
  • Starting a Transition Initiative – 7 “buts”
  • The 12 steps to Transition, including energy descent planning
  • The wider context of Transition
  • Questions of leadership and structure
  • The role of local government
  • Getting businesses involved
  • Movies for raising awareness
  • Transition Network
  • Conclusion
  • Further Reading


TransitionInitiativesPrimer.pdf1.53 MB