PEAT Project

The PEaT (Plant, Eat and Teach) Project is an open gardening programme which includes a wide range of informal learning activities aimed at helping people gain valuable skills and acquire accredited qualifications if wished, whilst promoting a healthier lifestyle. They have an acre of prime growing land on the outskirts of Penzance where they teach the basics of growing your own vegetables. Various accredited (NOCN) and non-accredited courses are delivered throughout the project with the emphasis always on providing a training area where people of all levels of abilities and skills will be able to integrate happily with activities on site and with other volunteers.
Volunteers benefit through increased self-confidence and self-esteem, gaining new skills, enhanced employability if in the job market plus improved health and wellbeing through exercise out in the open air which is proven to be beneficial to both mind and body.

Contact Details
07979 120 909
Postal Address: 
Penzance, Cornwall TR18