Penwith LETS

The original Penzance LETS functioned for many years but is sadly no more. Penwith LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) will carry on the tradition - helping people exchange services with other people in the community without the need for money. The group will be run by and for local people, creating wealth that stays in the area. It puts people in touch with a thriving social network and a great variety of resources and skills. LETS is a way of helping people to help themselves. Everybody has skills and someone out there needs yours!

Contact Details
07967 588 038

Local Loyalty Cards

Hayle Chamber of Commerce

Penzance Town Council and Penzance Chamber of Commerce

St Ives
St Ives Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Coast are an independent body and a social enterprise, not core funded, based in a refurbished barn in Cornwall. All their income comes from contract work for private companies, local authorities and other organisations that they work with. They encourage, inform, network, research, lobby, measure, persuade, object, question, bend ears, break boundaries and never knowingly give up!

Contact Details
01872 562 057
Postal Address: 

Penstraze Business Centre
Truro, Cornwall TR4 8HY
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