Water & Sanitation

Water is a precious resource, and the way we use and treat it has a huge impact on our environment. See this section for information about reducing your water use by harvesting rainwater or 'grey' water, alternatives to conventional sewage treatment (such as composting toilets), and advice on water treatment and pumping.

CAT Information Service - Water and Sanitation


Saving water in the gardenSaving water in the garden
How to reduce water use in the garden, and still cope with a dry summer.
Composting ToiletsComposting Toilets
How to compost your poo, and all about treebogs, aquatrons and straw-bale urinals.
Harvesting RainwaterHarvesting Rainwater
Making the best use of rainy days.
Small-scale Sewage TreatmentSmall-scale Sewage Treatment
All about off-mains sewerage, including reed beds and the facts about septic tanks.
Reusing Grey WaterReusing Grey Water
Advice on reusing water from the bathroom and kitchen.
Pumps and PumpingPumps and Pumping
From a well, river or up from a tank, using solar, wind or water power.
Water FiltersWater Filters
What is the best way to get clean drinking water?