Low-impact Living

Perhaps surprisingly, the biggest single part of the average person's footprint comes from food. Click here for more information, including: which is best - local, organic, or fair trade? and what about growing your own veg? Look also in this section for advice on just what your personal footprint is and how you can find yours out, and for help with reducing the impact of your lifestyle and living in a more ethical way.

CAT Information Service - Low-impact Living

Personal Carbon QuotasPersonal Carbon Quotas
What are personal carbon quotas, and how would they help us move to a zero carbon Britain?
Is zero waste really possible?Is zero waste really possible?
What does 'zero waste' mean, and what are the prospects for zero waste in the UK?
Carbon Calculators and Ecological FootprintsCarbon Calculators and Ecological Footprints
What is your footprint? And how big is your contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions?
Composting for the climateComposting for the climate
How composting your biodegradeable waste will also make a big difference to your carbon emissions.
Reducing the Impact of EatingReducing the Impact of Eating
Food makes the largest single contribution to our ecological footprint. What can we do to address this?
Swap Shops, or FreecyclingSwap Shops, or Freecycling
"There's no such thing as junk, only stuff that hasn't found the right person."
Ethical FinancesEthical Finances
Make sure your money is behaving itself, and find out more about the alternatives to high street banks.
Heating your GreenhouseHeating your Greenhouse
Tips on making your greenhouse work efficiently.


Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) Factsheets

Factsheets contain basic introductions to a range of topics, plus how to take the next step.

the big picture: environment, politics, economics

low-impact living

shelter: building, renovation, accommodation

natural paints
rammed earth building
round wood timber framing
straw-bale building
timber building

energy: saving, reducing emissions, renewables

green electricity
solar electricity
solar hot water
wind generators
wood stoves

land: gardening, smallholding, planning

fruit trees
organic gardening
wild food
woodland management

water: harvesting, moving, saving, plus sewage

compost toilets
rainwater harvesting

transport: getting about sustainably

veg oil motoring

household: interiors, furniture, fittings, crafts

natural cleaners

people: birth, death, health, bodycare

essential oils
herbal medicine
natural bodycare

society: community, trade, culture