Forest School Camps

Forest School Camps is not a commercial holiday company but an educational charity and a voluntary organisation. All officers and staff are unpaid volunteers. Special importance has always been attached to the experience of boys and girls, children and adults, learning to work and play together close to nature. Their education is about discovering for oneself how to do something, rather than being told in the abstract. Children and staff find themselves in situations that encourage this; the outdoors demands and encourages learning. They remove unnecessary authority and, with due regard for safety and legality, encourage children to take responsibility and to reach their own decisions on small and not-so-small issues, individually or as members of a group. At camp they aim to teach how to live with independence and responsibility; concern and care for oneself, other people and the environment; resourcefulness and self-confidence; tolerance and respect. FSC is determined that all people be treated equally regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion and disability. A Native American belief is that you will only be in touch with nature if you 'sit and sleep on the earth'. This feeling for the wholeness of life on our planet is expressed in some of the FSC rituals and the names that are given to things at camp.

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