Eco Drive

Eco-drive was formed to give people the choice of using Electric Vehicles. Electric vehicless are often a viable alternative for many private motorists and commercial operations but have been under-promoted in the UK. Eco-drive is not 'pro-car' but they are being realistic. People will continue to use cars so where possible these should have as low an impact as possible. The key is safe, reliable and convenient recharging. Charging Stations for EVs are the equivalent of filling station fuel pumps for conventional vehicles. Usually these will be used at the vehicle's normal 'home' or base, but may be in other locations. Eco-drive is partnering with Cornwall Council for Cornwall to become one of the UK's first 'Plugged In Places'. The aim is to provide a network of around 400 charging stations across Cornwall for, initially, a public sector fleet and subsequently private users and tourists.

Contact Details
0845 466 3835
Postal Address: 

PO Box 255
Penzance, Cornwall TR18 9AA