Cornwall Together

Cornwall Together Limited is a subsidiary of Eden Project Limited. Cornwall Together, Energyshare and uSwitch are working together to deliver this project which is free for consumers to use. They are an organisation with a social purpose, but will look to cover costs by charging a fee to the winning supplier. They will re-invest 10% of the money into a fund to help alleviate fuel poverty in Cornwall and will seek match-funding for that sum. You register with them giving a few details about your current energy usage. When they have enough people on board, they'll negotiate a special deal with electricity and gas suppliers. Heating oil will follow a slightly different process. They’ll then come back to you with two options for a better energy deal, including one which is likely to be cheaper and one which is likely to be from energy from a more sustainable source. It is hoped that group buying this way will help many people cut their energy bills.

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