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Royal Voluntary Service

Royal Voluntary Service has trained teams of community support volunteers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies. When an incident happens, Royal Voluntary Service is there to support that local community through the challenges and help them recover. In emergencies requiring evacuation, such as floods, bomb scares or fires, they set up rest centres providing shelter, refreshments, registration and information, and catering for special needs such as medication or pet care. They also provide emergency feeding at the rest centres, which may involve serving three meals a day to large numbers of people for extended periods. They have all the systems in place to organise food supplies on a large scale.

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0845 600 5885
Postal Address: 

Royal Voluntary Service Cornwall and Devon
620 West End
Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2SQ

Preparing for Emergencies

DirectGov web pages which describe: what you can do to prepare for emergencies; give advice on preventing different types of emergencies; help with preparing for emergencies wherever you are; and understanding risks and how the UK is preparing for emergencies.

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Cornwall Council: Emergency Management

Cornwall Council is responsible for: preparing an Emergency and Business Continuity Management Plan; training Council staff and voluntary agencies to assist in the management response to major incidents; assisting in the development of multi-agency emergency response plans to identified risks; testing plans through multi-agency exercises; providing general advice to local businesses and voluntary organisations about Business Continuity Management; and putting in place arrangements to warn and inform the public in the event of an emergency.

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03001 234 232
Postal Address: 

County Hall
Truro, Cornwall TR1 3AY

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross offers a range of first aid courses covering various life saving skills that are suitable for everyone. They offer a simplified way of learning basic first aid skills and a range of certificated courses to treat adults. They also offer first aid courses designed to treat babies and children of 0-5 years. Courses range from two hours to seven hours depending on the number of first aid topics covered. You don’t need to have any previous first aid knowledge or experience as their public courses include lots of practical exercises to give you confidence in dealing with a real life emergency.

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Postal Address: 

Red Cross House
Lighterage Hill, Newham
Truro, Cornwall TR1 2XR

St John Ambulance

The first aid and health and safety trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of companies, local authorities, other organisations, and members of the public. With thousands of training courses across the country, including Risk assessment, Fire marshal, Moving and handling, and a suite of first aid courses to suit any training needs, they enable hundreds of thousands of people to protect their colleagues, family, friends, and members of the community.

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Postal Address: 

St John Ambulance Hall
Wendron Street
Helston, Cornwall TR13 8PS
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