Transition Penwith is an initiative that works to engage all sectors of the local community in addressing the issues which arise from Energy, Economics and the Environment.

Urgent Fight to Save the NHS in Cornwall

4 March 2017 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Penzance and Truro

To coincide with a massive national rally in London [supported by the British Medical Assoc (BMA), Royal College of Nurses (RCN), National Pensioners Convention, UNISON, UNITE other unions and organisations] Cornwall is having its own rally!


PENZANCE 12:00 noon at Humphry Davy Statue then walk to the station (13:00 train to Truro arrive 13:39pm)

TRURO Assemble on Lemon Quay 14:00 leave at 14:15 to walk to Cathedral Square for the Rally.


join the demonstration to demand more money for the NHS and social care. please bring placards etc. if you can.

NO cuts in local services / NO closures of community hospitals

The demonstration is organised by Cornwall Keep Our National Health Service Public (KONP), supported by West Cornwall Health Watch (WCHW) and 38 Degrees Penzance Group.

March for a fully funded, publicly owned, NHS and social care service no cuts, no closures, no privatisation end the pay restraint for NHS staff

Hayle Food in Friendship event

Here's a summary of what happened on February 7th. Lesley Bradley-Peer chaired the meeting and after her introduction, Paul Souzek gave us his presentation on Food Assemblies – which began in 2011 in France with the first UK one in London starting in 2014. There are now 70, and Bude was one of the first. It now sells about 500 products, with a range of goods, not only food, with over 1,000 members and 30 producers. Paul is now extending its services to include home deliveries and new satellite hubs.
Both consumer and producer benefit, and perhaps most importantly, the environment. A simple, elegant system of on-line shopping, delivered weekly to a host venue, (where producers get 84% of cost, the host getting 8% and the organisation 8%); means:-
• Few food miles
• Circular economy keeping money local
• Open 24/7
• Fully automated shopping, including receipts, re-funds, invoices, etc.
• Producers know exactly how much is needed, reducing waste
• Fast delivery at host venue but able to still keep essence of a farmers market
• Consumers meet producers
• Fresh and organic

6th International Women's Day Charity Cabaret

11 March 2017 - 7:45pm - 11:45pm
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance TR18 4BU

Back in the ring for round six, please join us for a no holds barred celebration of International Women's Day. This year’s charity cabaret line up includes: the incomparable Jenny Bishop, who takes film score composition degrees and new babies in her long, tall stride; the fabulously fresh Miss Jones (veterans of The Albert Hall no less) and their lush soaring harmonies; Elaine Claxton, songstress, actress and one of Cornwall’s all round entertaining greats, who recently wowed audiences in The Bowie Lounge; a return of the tap-tastic Turn on the Tap troupe, plus Fiona Richardson’s award-winning Aspire dancers, not forgetting the cabaret’s in-house comedy dancers appearing this year as The Ball Breakers.

A Bus Spider Map for Penzance?

Penzance Bus Spider MapPenzance Bus Spider MapWe need to make buses easier to use and services easier to understand. So-called “spider maps” are now in use elsewhere in the country. They make bus routes easier to understand and bus stops easier to find. This is a first draft of what such a map for Penzance and district might look like. It’s consistent with First Kernow’s main services for Winter 2016/17.

Cornwall Council Site Allocations Development Plan Document

Penzance and Newlyn site allocationsPenzance and Newlyn site allocationsCornwall Council is currently undertaking a public consultation on the emerging Cornwall Site Allocations Development Plan Document (Allocations DPD). This is a document that sets out a strategy for the future development of 10 towns and two Eco Community sites within Cornwall. The document identifies locations for future housing and commercial growth, as well as setting out a strategy for future infrastructure provision.

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